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OPAC Scavenger Hunt

The USL Elementary Library has conducted OPAC Scavenger Hunt on February 18, 2022 via take home activity.
The said activity aims to: 1) inform pupils that the Elementary OPAC can now be accessed outside school campus; 2) promote the use of OPAC. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Ana Aura Uy (Elementary Library Head) and Ms. Jessa Lannao (Readers’ and Technical Services Librarian).
Pupils from Grades 4 – 6 of correspondence learning modality participated in the said activity. The following emerged as champions:

1st Placer- Remolacio, Evencen Jann C. –Grade 6-Tulip
2nd Placer- Dannug, Khylee Grich Q. –Grade 6-Tulip
3rd Placer- Cuarteros, Daniella Eliz T.–Grade 4- Magnolia

The activity was evaluated by the participants generally as STRONGLY AGREE which means, it’s an effective learning activity. Certificates of Recognition, prizes and books were awarded to the Top 3 winners. Certificate of participation were also given to all participants as a gesture of appreciation.

JHS Library Hosted Selfie with My Quarantine Book and Virtual Storytelling: Gifted to Share

The Junior High School Library has conducted other activities for the Junior High School Students in collaboration with the English Area for the month of February and in celebration of the International Literacy Day.
The activities are entitled "Virtual Storytelling: Gifted to Share" and "Selfie with My Quarantine Book." In recognition of the participants' efforts and as promotional activities of the JHS Library, the activities were posted on TALA Louisiano Page to inform the community and give heart reactions to their most-liked image and storytelling to support their classmates and friends who joined the activities on February 23, 2022.
The objectives of the activities were as follows: to encourage students to expand their knowledge about the library while having fun, promote the services offered by the library, promote reading and listening skills among Louisian STARs and improve their presentation communication abilities via storytelling.
Participants chose to have their favorite book as a creative object for the selfie. While for the Virtual Storytelling, the librarians provided 1 Filipino story used to tell the story. All the winners have received e-load prizes.

Below were the winners of each activity:
Selfie with My Quarantine Book winners
1st Placer- Kate Reboredo-Grade 10- Bonifacio
2nd Placer- Juliana Denise B. Calagui-Grade 8-St. Mark
3rd Placer- Merty L. Gumiran –Grade 10-Aguinaldo

Virtual Storytelling: Gifted to Share winners:
1st Placer- Queen Ashley T. Corpuz- Grade 7-Wisdom

JHS Library Conducts Search Me Now Quiz Bee in Partnership with the English Area

In celebration of the English Month, the Junior High School Library, in collaboration with the English Area, hosted the Search Me Now Quiz Bee by posting two questions per day (1 for student of each grade level and 1 for faculty) on the following dates, January 7&14, 2022 and February 7&17, 2022 via the Tala Facebook Page of the Junior High School Department. Students and faculty were able to learn more about the Library's staff, services, collection, regulations, and procedures through this activity. As awards, all of the winners received non-monetary incentives (e-load).

The following were the winners:

Round 1: (Grade 7 and Faculty) :
Jamilla Chloe C. Espiritu-Grade 7-Galatians
Christel Angelica B. Maggay- Mathematics Faculty :

Round 2: (Grade 8 and Faculty)
Samaire Keisha Denise Dumendeng- Grade 8-St. John
Christel Angelica B. Maggay- Mathematics Faculty

Round 3: (Grade 9 and Faculty)
Olivia Angelika B. Tamayao- Grade 9-Patience
Mary Jane Q. Javier-MAPEH Faculty

Round 4: (Grade 10 and Faculty)
Rhea W. Balubal of Grade 10-Luna
Precious Allyson Manalo-Grade 10-Luna
Charles M. Castillo-MAPEH Faculty

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