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Comic Strip-Making Contest

The USL College Library conducted Comic Strip-Making Contest that revolves about the importance of the library in every student’s life on January 27, 2024 at the College Library (Third-Floor).
The activity aims to:
1. Provide an opportunity for the students to develop their critical thinking skills by engaging themselves in the conceptualization of the comic strip.
2. Promote appreciation of other literature forms.
3. Encourage students to appreciate the importance of the library through visual arts.
The abundance of imaginative minds of the participants creates a sense of kinship amongst talented writers, story tellers and artists who share their passion through creating a comic strip.
The activity was facilitated by Ms. Anne Christine T. Temporal (Readers Services Librarian).
College students from different departments were invited to join in the said activity and the following emerged as champions:

1st Rank - Castillo, John Patrick R. -2nd Year -BS Architecture
2nd Rank - Fronda, Pauline U. -2nd Year BS Civil Engineering
3rd Rank - Pajarillo, Jerome Elijah B.- 3rd Year -BS Education(English)

Speed Readers’ Showdown

The collaborative efforts of the Book Club, the Junior High School Library, the English Club, and SEE-SAGES culminated in an exciting Speed Readers'showdown held on February 23, 2024, at the JHS Library.
The contest aimed to:
1.) encourage participants to read faster while maintaining comprehension, promoting reading as an essentiai skill.
2.) create a competitive yet enjoyable environment, fostering a sense of challenge and accomplishment among students.
3.) promote reading literacy initiatives through encouraging students to read more and engage with written material effectively.
With two (2) participants selected from each section of Grades 9 and 10 and the contest centered around the timeless classic, "To Kill a Mocking Bird".
It was spearheaded by Ms. Vanessa Herrera, JHS Readers Services Librarian and Ms・
Jean Marie Pasicolan, English Teacher.The event proved to be a success′ closing in heartfelt congratulations to the deserving winners of the JHS Speed Readers' showdown. Hence, the activity was rated Agreeable among participants.

Once again, Congratulations to the participants and winners!
Here is the pair of winners:
Champion - Venice Quezon and Suzane Segador (Grade 10 Quezon)

Alternate Universe Writing Contest

The USL College Library conducted Alternate Universe Writing Contest in celebration of the National Book Week on November 22, 2023 at the College Library. The activity aims to:
1) To foster creativity and imagination, by rewriting the endings of beloved characters’ stories in alternate universes.;
2) provide readers with possibilities of the characters changing fate in the book and
3) celebrate the art of re-telling stories and its community. The richness and versatility of the remade literary narratives foster a sense of community among the writers and readers who share the passion of the alternate universe.
The activity was facilitated by Ms. Ana Aura Uy (College Library Head) and assisted by the Interns: Ms. Sophia Mae E. Furigay, Ms. Jennifer D. Rosopa, Ms. Angelyn G. Canceran and Mr. Mark Alexander B. Soriano (On-the-Job Trainee students). College students from different departments were invited to join in the said activity and the following emerged as champions:
1st Lapitaje, Alliah Anne Villareal (3rd year - BSMA)
2nd Dezeree, Maria Louise (1st year – BSN)
3rd Rumpon, Althea Jade Taala (1st year – BSMT/MLS)

The activity was evaluated by the participants generally as strongly agree which means, it’s an effective learning activity. Certificates of Recognition and prizes were awarded to the Top 3 winners.

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