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LIFP Comes To Life

library_docum_639 The Library and Information Fluency Program (LIFP), in support to the information literacy goal of the High School Library, has recently been launched among the 7th graders. The LIFP is a series of library sessions for students spearheaded by the High School Library Head. The course consists of lessons from which the students get the proper training on the usage of the different library resources. Furthermore, the program is geared toward instilling in the minds of the students the use and importance of library resources in their life as learners and launching them into greater appreciation for books, libraries and reading. 

Each of the 12 sections (Colossians, Corinthians, Exodus, Galatians, Philippians, Roman, Genesis, Proverbs, Psalms, Leviticus, Thessalonians, Wisdom) of the 7th Grade shall undertake the program once a  month at 4:00-5:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

USL Libraries Conducted Information Fluency Program to Freshmen and Transfer Students

DSC_0411To give new students a taste of college campus life and let them feel that they belong to the library family as well, USL libraries conducted an Orientation Program for freshmen and transferees last June 14, 17, 18, 19, 2013 at the Theofiel Verbist Building, college library.
The significant undertaking was initiated by the library staff for the students to be informed of the guidelines and policies in using various library resources such as print and non-print materials, e-books, e-journals and other online services, and proper use of the state-of-the-art facilities. Along with this, these new students were given warm welcome and they experienced virtual and actual tour in the different sections of the college library. On the other hand, they had acquainted with the library staff through a presentation. This is to let them identify library staff to assist them in their information needs. Before the students exit from the library,  they were given flyers on Library Guidelines to guide them with the library guidelines and policies.

USL University Libraries Conducted Summer Book Fair 2013

DSC_0376The University Libraries in its mission to support the Louisian Academic Community by providing a sustained, well-balanced collection, recently conducted a Three-day Book Fair at the College Library on May 22-24, 2013. Fifteen (15) book publishers/vendors paraded their most recent collections, from among which, book- loving faculty members and students from SEAS, SBAA, SEAFA, SCIS, CTVED, CHAS,  Elementary and High Schools evaluated and recommended materials that are useful and appropriate for their respective departments. An estimated PhP3.5 million worth of books were selected from the book festival. Interested outsiders also joined the event.

The fair was conducted simultaneously with the Three-day Training on Basic Processing of Library Materials by the Cagayan and Kalinga Apayao Librarians Association (CaAKAp) led by the dynamic USL Director of Libraries and CaAKAp President, Mr. Michael A. Pinto, in cooperation with the USL’s University Libraries and Student Organization of Library and Information Science (SOLIS). Dr. Juliet D. Villanueva, Mrs. Evangeline Cabello, Mrs. Arlyn S. Cristobal, Mr. Bilyson Alejo and Mrs. Venus Ibarra-Guyos were among the roster of competent speakers.

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