University Libraries, University of Saint Louis

The Junior High School Library and the Computer Area hosted "Library Game Show: Computer Edition" on March 31, 2023 at the JHS Library, in celebration of Computer Month. There were 4 groups made up of both students and teachers, and each group had a teacher as its leader.
The objectives of the activity were the following:
1.) to promote books, specifically computer books available in the library,
2.) to show team camaraderie that makes the contest enjoyable for everyone,
3.) test participants’ general knowledge about computer and technology and
4.) to provide an avenue for students and teachers to celebrate Computer month while having fun.
The group activity was fun and engaging because of the support of the participants and organizers. The winners were recognized during the closing of the activity. Also, the activity was evaluated STRONGLY AGREE by the participants, demonstrating their support for the activity.

Heads up to the winners:
Dagohoy, Ajie Jr.-Filipino Teacher
Pasicolan, Jean Marie-English Teacher
Santiago, Reichelle-AP Teacher
Corpuz, Queen Ashley T.-8- St. Peter
De Guzman, Prinz Joseff Sebastian P.-8-St. Paul
Calagui, Josa Claire S.- 7-Exodus