University Libraries, University of Saint Louis

The USL Elementary Library has conducted Bible Quiz Bee on November 24, 2022 at the Elementary Library. The said activity aims to:
1) test the familiarity of pupils on the Bible collections available at the library;
2) promote reading of Bible to the lower grades and
3) to develop the love for reading and libraries at a young age. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Ana Aura Uy (Elementary Library Head) and Ms. Angelica Cauilan (Reader’s and Technical Services Librarian).
Pupils from Grades 1 – 3 participated in the said activity. The following emerged as champions:

1st - Ibarra, Liam Chrysler V. (Grade 3-Dahlia)
2nd - Ramos, Jasmine Mikhayla Celestine C. (Grade 3- Ilang-Ilang)
3rd - Guzman, Thom Alver T. (Grade 3 - Zinia)
The activity was evaluated by the participants generally as STRONGLY AGREE which means, it’s an effective learning activity.
Certificates of Recognition, prizes and books were awarded to the Top 3 winners per category. Books and certificates of participation were also given to all participants as a gesture of appreciation.