University Libraries, University of Saint Louis

Book Spine Poetry Contest on General Interest Collections


The USL College Library has conducted Book Spine Poetry Contest on General Interest Collections on February 28, 2018 at 4:45PM held at the 3rd Floor Discussion Room of the College Library. The activity had the following objectives: 1) to familiarize the students with the General Interest Collections existing in the College Library; and 2) to encourage students to read books of General Interest during their leisure time. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Maria Theresa C. Bautista, Health Sciences/Graduate School/General Interest Librarian. The said activity was participated by student-representatives of the different departments such as SHS, SEASH, SEAIDITE and SABH.

The winners are the following:
  • First Place - Vinasoy, Jeffrey L, Grade 11 of the SHS 
  • Second Place - Quilang, Edmar D., BSED 4 of SEASH
  • Third Place - Fajardo, Angelica A., BSAC 4 of SABH