University Libraries, University of Saint Louis

p1The USL Elementary Library in partnership with the Young Readers Club conducted Tongue Twister and Tongue Twister Making Contests on September 2, 2016 at the Elementary Audio Visual Room. The objectives of the activity were: to develop among pupils their communication skills (both written and oral) and to market the tongue twister collection of the library. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Mary Angelique H. Baylon, Assistant to the Elementary Library Head. The winners can be gleaned from the table below:

Contested Event Name of Winner Category Grade and Section
Tongue Twister Recital Princess Jeramycah G. Forelon Junior division Grade 4 Jasmine
Tongue Twister Recital Steven Joshua G. Narag Senior division Grade 5 Catleya
Tongue Twister Making Juan Carlos P. Pajarillo Senior division Grade 6 Daffodil

The participants enjoyed the activities and anticipate more activities in the future.