University Libraries, University of Saint Louis

1One prolific activity of the Book Club is the Speed Reading which is aimed to improve the skills of the students in comprehending literature masterpieces. The Speed Reading Activity was conducted by the Book Club at the High School Library on September 30, 2015.

Guidelines to the contest are as follows:1.) The participants were given literature masterpiece to read. 2.) A 10-minute time limit was given after the piece was given. When the time limit expires, the participants gave their literature piece to the host and quiz followed after. There were 15 questions (5 for easy, 5 for moderate and 5 for difficult round). Each question weighs two (2) points. A 20- second time limit was given after each question is read. When the time limit expired, the participants showed their answer to the host or audience, and those who failed to do so means giving an incorrect answer and gained no point. 3.) Five tie-breaking questions were asked for the tie and sudden death format was used until one team led the other, when a tie still occurred. Two representatives or a pair in each curriculum joined the said competition in each grade level. The pair who got the highest score won. 

Speed Reading Winners were: Maridane Pagatpatan and Athena Asuncion