University Libraries, University of Saint Louis

IMG_20150915_151153In celebration of the International Literacy Day with the theme:  “Literacy and Sustainable Societies”, the Filipiniana librarian spearheaded a Quiz Bee Contest which was an open entry where there were 15 students from different departments participated in. Questions were drawn from the select books related to Digital, Media and Visual Literacies that were categorized from easy, average and difficult. The activity was conducted last September 15, 2015@3pm at the 2nd Floor of the College Library. Such activity was conducted through the following objectives a) to provide students an opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas about the relevance of the library through advance technologies; b) to educate the students on library’s essential role in their studies.

In the said competition the winners are as follows:

  • 1st place- Patrick Reyes- BSAC-5
  • 2nd place- Hanna Lee Erro- BLIS- 3
  • 3rd place - Francis Cordova- BSIT-1