University Libraries, University of Saint Louis



IMG_0378 [1600x1200]The Ebsco Training for the Library staff was held at the ERC on October 29, 2009 at8:00am – 12:00nn through the initiative of the Director of Libraries, Mr. Michael A. Pinto who was the resource speaker himself.

 He stress further that since technology develops very fast, information need of every individual increases comparatively. One needs to educate himself in manipulating these technologies to become useful in information retrieval. Along with this, librarians as information specialists should be trained as far as technology is concerned to meet the demands of the library users.

As the seminar progresses, the DOL elaborated step by step the proper opening and accessing of data using the Ebscohost through the assistance of Mr. Loui Tacata, Library Database Administrator. The library staff followed the instructions carefully and everyone of them did a fruitful and successful research.

The second part of the session was a presentation of topics on Business Correspondence which was discussed by Mrs. Juliet D. Villanueva, Ph.D., in-charge of the Filipiniana Section. This presentation directed the library staff to make different kinds of communication letters such as memos, reports and articles. The presenter pointed out that preparing proper business communication is necessary for it gives clarification on the part of the reader. Hence, she postulated that all important steps, reminders and techniques needed in making communication must be strictly followed for better result.

He explained to the participants that such training is very important to the library staff because they are information/knowledge providers to the clienteles. He ably emphasized their important role in library services. He stressed that being literate to this information retrieval is one of a kind that would help their clienteles in their information needs especially those who undergo theses/dissertation writing.