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Audio-Visual Room.

The audio-visual room is under the supervision of the High School Librarian and hereunder are the guidelines that must be followed.

  • Absolutely "NO EATING" inside the AV Room.
  • Students accomodated for film-viewing are responsible in keeping the chairs in order and picking up pieces for pares before leaving.
  • An invidual or a whole class shall be responsible for all damages incurred during the film-viewing.
  • Howling during the film-viewing is prohibited inside the AVR.
  • Any malfunction of the equipment during film-viewing should be reported immediately to the librarian.
Internet Services
  • Internet Stations are available on a first come first serve basis. Students must present their I.D. to the Internet Library in-charge. A maximum of one hour per session is allowed. The internet is definitely for educational use only. Opening of pornographic and game sites are not allowed, students found violating these rules will be sanctioned accordingly. Printing services is charged 5.00Php per page for pure textual document and 10.00Php for document with pictures/graphics.
Photocopying Services
  • Photocopy services is available at the ground floor of the high school building @ 0.50 cents per copy.
Deposit Counter
  • Students must have to deposit their bags, umbrellas, folders, envelopes and other bulky things before entering the library. However, they must carry with them their valuable things such as jewelry, cellular phones, purse, calculators, etc. Always wait for your deposit number before leaving the counter. The library is not responsible for any loss of unattended/unsurrendered personal belongings. Only students who will use the library will be allowed to deposit their things in the depository area.

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