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  • A Library Card is non-transferable. Student/s caught using a library card of another will have the item confiscated and is subject for disciplinary action by the Prefect of Discipline.
  • Students caught mutilating/stealing a book will be assessed the full cost invlolved in replacing the damged or stolen book and/or will be suspended upon the recommendation of the Prefect of Discipline.
  • Noisy students or those who disturb their seatmate will be sent out of the library and he/she will be subjected for a disciplinary action by the Prefect of Discipline.
  • A Library Card is required for borrowing or returning both print and non-print materials. A Library Card should be reported immediately to any Library Staff. A Fee of 10.00Php will be charged for its replacement.
  • Students may borrow two (2) books at a time, one (1) non-fiction book for overnight use and one (1) fiction book for a period of one (1) week.
  • For Book Club Members, they can borrow four (4) books at a time (two (2) fiction and two (2) non-fiction books).
  • When borrowing books, present your Library Card and fill-in the necessary information in the Master Card, Borrower's Card and Book Card. Give back the filled-in cards to the Librarian on-duty at the circulation counter for proper issuance and stamping of due date.
  • Students with unsettled obligations (overdue fines or books not return) cannot borrow aother book until said obligation is being settled.
  • Upon leaving the library, present the books borrowed to the peson assigned at the control desk.
  • Circulation and photocopy of materials can be done upon presenting the book to be photocopied and I.D. at the control desk.
  • To return books, simply present your borrower's card for counter checking and signing. Be sure your borrower's card is countersigned by the Librarian before leaving.
  • Lost book/s must be reported immediately to any library staff to avoid accumulated fine. A lost book must either be replaced with the same author and title or paid according to its value and 20% such cost and a fine, if there is any.
  • An overdue fine is going to be charged when the book is not returned on time. Sundays and Holidays are excluded in the computation of overdue fines. Ten pesos (10.00Php) a day will be charged for overdue books.
  • Periodicals are limited to room use and for photocopying purposes only.

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