Internet Multimedia Office (IMMO) now E-Resource Center


The Internet Multi-Media Office (IMMO) which was established in 1998 have undergone major developments through the years. Now, with the new equipments and available facilities located in the Internet Multimedia Office (IMMO), the library management, with the approval of the school administration last November 14, 2009 formally changed its name into E-Resource Center or ERC. The center provides variety of resources for learning from electronic journals (
EBSCO and some open access journals), electronic periodicals, non-print materials ready for viewing and internet access to supplement classroom discussion and research undertakings in the university. Available computer units were bought to serve as viewing units for DVD’s and CD’s and some units are exclusively used by faculty members of the university for their research undertakings and for preparation of their lessons.To avail of the services of the ERC, please come to the center located at the second floor of the Theophiel Verbist Building.